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venerdì 25 marzo 2016

miart | Vincenzo de Bellis appointed Curator at Walker Art Center

Milan, 25th March 2016Vincenzo de Bellis has been appointed the Curator, Visual Arts of the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. The prestigious American institution issued a press release today to make the announcement. His tenure at Walker will begin at a date yet to be determined pending the completion of his visa status.
de Bellis will still be the Artistic Director of miart – international modern and contemporary art fair – for the next edition being held from 7th-10th April 2016 and will only give up the position he took on in June 2012 after it closes.

The three previous editions directed by Vincenzo de Bellis and the forthcoming edition about to get under way have driven miart forward in an unprecedented way, making this fair one of the most internationally renowned events on the modern and contemporary art fair scene. He has introduced a number of innovations that have helped redefine the fair, really attracting the attention of both art lovers and people working in the industry and achieving ever greater public success. His innovations include internationalization and a rise in the overall standard of the galleries involved; close interaction between modern art, contemporary art and design; the introduction of Miartalks as a platform for conferences, lectures, panel discussions, interviews that are amongst the most significant and in-depth on the entire international scene, thanks to the presence of leading professionals in this sector; the centrality of miart in the world of modern and contemporary art in Milan through close collaborations with all the city's public and private art institutions.          

"It is an honour for me to join the curatorial team of such a prestigious institution as the Walker Art Center – so Mr Vincenzo de Bellis announced – I am delighted and proud to be chosen for such an important position, proving that my experience as a curator, which I have carried out with the utmost rigour for years now, is indeed appreciated. I cannot hide that I feel rather emotional about leaving my position as the Artistic Director of miart and abandoning the contemporary art system in Milan, bearing in mind the great results achieved over these last four years and the invaluable working partnership set up with the city's leading institutions. Over these last few years Miart has become a truly international enterprise, helping make Milan one of the most interesting and lively cities in the field of contemporary arts. I am proud – so de Bellis went on to say – of having helped set the fair on a new path and launched it onto a level that few people believed could ever be possible. I'm also sincerely grateful to all those people whose faith in me has allowed me to enjoy this wonderful experience: I hope they have all got something important back as well. My very best wishes for the future to all these people, secure in the knowledge that the fair will be stronger than ever thanks to the work we have done together over the last few years".
In view of his move to Minneapolis, Vincenzo de Bellis has resigned from all the positions he held, most notably as a member of the Steering Committee for Contemporary Art in the Ministry of Culture and the Committee for Contemporary Art Foundations.

Corrado Peraboni, CEO of Fiera Milano, stated that: "We are proud that this prestigious position has been awarded to miart's Artistic Director, a brilliant and intelligent guide with whom we have shared an intense and profitable journey of growth. Wishing him all the best with his latest challenge, we would like to thank Vincenzo for the hard work and dedication he put into relaunching the fair and for having identified with us certain key points that have determined its success. miart is an international enterprise renowned and highly rated throughout the world of modern and contemporary art. The benchmark of quality that has guided us so far is now, and will continue to be, our trademark, so as to guarantee the art world has an event that is increasingly meaningful and full of opportunities, perfectly in sync with all the various forms of culture that characterise it and a trailblazer for developments yet to come".

Vincenzo de Bellis
Vincenzo de Bellis (1977) has been the Artistic Director of miart, the International Modern and Contemporary Art Fair of Milan, since 2012.
He is also Co-Director and Curator of Peep-Hole Art Center, which he co-founded in Milan in 2009 in partnership with Bruna Roccasalva and Anna Daneri and for which he has curated, amongst other things, solo exhibitions by Giorgio Andreotta Calò, Uri Aran, Francesco Arena, Trisha Baga, Adriano Costa, Mario Garcia Torres, Paolo Icaro, Corrado Levi, Renata Lucas, Gabriel Sierra and Andra Ursuta. 
He recently curated a major exhibition entitled Ennesima. An Exhibition of Seven Exhibitions on Italian Art at the Triennale in Milan. He is also the curator of the survey show by Betty Woodman currently on view at the Institute of Contemporary Art – ICA in London, after previously being hosted at Marino Marini Museum in Florence from September to November 2015.
As part of joint-ventures involving miart and the Fondazione Nicola Trussardi, in partnership with Massimiliano Gioni he co-produced and co-curated the projects Liberi Tutti (2013), Cine Dreams (2014) and Sarah Lucas – INNAMEMORABILIAMUMBUM (2016). In 2010 he curated Gabriel Kuri's solo exhibition at Museion – Bolzano Contemporary Art Museum.
Vincenzo de Bellis has a Master of Arts in Curatorial Studies from the Center For Curatorial Studies, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY.
He will become the Curator, Visual Arts at Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.

miart 2016
preview and official opening: 7th April 2016 (by invitation)
8th  – 10th April 2016 from 12.00-19.00
entrance in Viale Scarampo, Milan
gate 5, pavilion 3


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